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Maze Qore Arena is now Qorena

From now on, Maze Qore Arena will be renamed to Qorena. The game was originally designed to be a spin-off of our earlier project Maze Qore, however as time and progress advanced, the project had underwent drastic changes in game design and game play, no longer retaining the maze-like formula it was originally designed for. No longer does it even focus particularly in Maze Qore prison, appealing more to outdoor environments instead.

As a result, it no longers makes sense to keep the title name as it has confused gamers expecting a maze-like shooting experience, so we will rename the project to Qorena. It will take a while before the name takes complete effect as we still need to talk with storefront companies like Valve to enforce the name change (hopefully they will without penalty) and thus the PC version has not yet completely incorporated the new name. The upcoming mobile port however already has this name installed.

In addition to the name change, the PC port is in processed of an overhaul, rebranding into a cooperative arena shooter. The old competitive gameplay will instead be recycled into the mobile port, which will be cheap to purchase and play on the go. No ads. No gambleware. Just buy and play.


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