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Qorena Foresight – Version 0.8 OVERHAUL Update

After several months, the game overhaul is finally here and better than ever! Transitioning from competitive multiplayer matches to full cooperative arena survival.


  • Both bots and NPCs are drastically improved, being able to target on sight and even stop shooting after their targets are dead and move on to finding the next one!
  • Music has been added to the game. Albeit the scores here are temporary and do not reflect the final iteration by the end of this early access time period, they are really valiant and inspiring to listen to! They are also necessary for wave and game states – Peacetime, Wartime, and Boss Battle. They will soon be released in time for the final release with more thematic music directly composed by us.
  • Grenade ammo max capacity has been removed, allowing for infinite carry. This is necessary for this new PvE gameplay path.
  • Video settings have been updated to allow for switching the renderer in-game. You must restart the game for the renderer switch to take effect.
  • Customizer introduced! Now you can create your own mannequin and use it for online and offline matches! You can find the editor in the Extra settings of the main menu. You can load your mannequin in the Game settings.


  • Inventory Upgrade Capsules: Similar to health and armor upgrade capsules and how they increase your max HP and AP respectively, the inventory upgrade will overhaul your inventory arsenal by one upgrade level. Maximum is 3 levels. By default you are at IL1 (Inventory Level 1).

    For instance, at level 2, your pistol fires and damages faster; level 3 your pistol fires a cluster of bullets per interval.

    Each weapon upgrade will drastically effect the weapon’s abilities, allowing you to withstand even the strongest enemies and bosses, even on higher difficulty levels.
  • Three new maps.

It is very important that you reinstall Qorena Foresight (formerly Maze Qore Arena Foresight) for the correct folder paths to be installed and saving to work properly.

Also best to backup any save data from the original Maze Qore Arena if you still wish to use it for the competitive multiplayer version from the base game for it may conflict by overriding the settings data with the one from from Foresight.

You can find this in: 

C:\Users\[Your Computer Name]\AppData\Local\MQA


Visit the game’s Steam page, search for this button, and click.

We look forward to testing with you in this latest Qore World: Foresight programmé.

Click on this lovely prisoner to access Qore World: Foresight and playtest the new update!

Go on, I know you want to.

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