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Weekly Qorena Playtest


Qorena has left early access. This event is now over. Everything below this point is outdated and useless.

Qorena (formerly known as Maze Qore Arena) has received a massive overhaul last month through Foresight – our playtest program for Qore World titles, from the old competitive arena shooter (still playable on the main build if you so wish), to a new cooperative survival arena shooter, and we need YOUR help testing it.

The playtest is open to anyone willing to test the game and send us feedback afterwards, or is simply wishing to try it for their own leisure (that is fine too).


To join, just head to the game’s Steam page and smack that “Request Access” button below the “Play Game” button.

  1. Install and play the game. Look for “Qorena – Foresight“.
  2. Create a mannequin if you have not yet done so by heading to Extras > Mods > Customizer. Don’t for get to save your mannequin before leaving the Customizer.
  3. Go to Multiplayer > Join Game > Server Browser.
  4. Find a server named “Official Qorena Test Server“, select it, and click the “Join Game” button.
  5. After the playtest, join the official Néotl Empire Discord server if you have not already done so. Ensure that you !register in the “citizen-registry” channel for it is required to access the rest of the server.
  6. Find and select the “support-and-feedback” channel.
  7. There are two ways you can do this:

    a). You can create a notepad text file (TXT) or Word document, type your test analysis, and upload it to this channel.

    b). You can post a document link to your analysis (ideally Google Drive).

For those of you who just want to play the game for fun, feel free to host your own server for your friends to join! We encourage it! Let us know how it went in the “gaming” channel if you want.

Want to stream our game? That is welcomed as well! Post your livestream in the “streaming” channel whenever you’re going live.

We will be hosting these playtests every Saturday at 2PM Eastern, so if you miss this Saturday’s playtest, there will be more happening until Version 1.0 releases. At the time of this article, Version 0.8.3 is active.

We hope you will enjoy playing Qorena Foresight!


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