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Qorena Released out of Early Access!

After 4 years, Qorena has finally been released! We had to make concessions.
– Moving mod support to post-release.
– Voice chat is not supported by UE4 anymore, so we scrapped the idea.



Improved Spectator Menu

Players can now access spectator mode at the pause menu. This will undeploy the player. If you wish to join the fray again, click Play on the spectator panel. Assuming “Allow Late Join” is enabled in settings, the player will deploy instantly, otherwise they will be deployed in the next peacetime interval.

Map Cycle List

You can now add levels into the map cycle list. This list will also be used to switch to a new map from the Spectator Menu, so add the ones you wish to switch between in your server.


The game now features sequential music, relative to certain levels.

Config Presets

You can find this in the game’s installation directory >> Config >> Presets.
Make a backup, adjust your parameters, and update configurations in your App Data directory. Instructions are in the presets folder.


Mod Support

This was originally planned in this release, however that proved to be too ambitious to work on, especially when we are still not convinced enough players will care for the game enough to justify it, so we moved it to post-release. We will only work on it, if and when we can see reasonable player activity in the game. A good (but not the sole) indicator for us is if the game unlocks the ability to use trading cards.



A LOT has changed since the overhaul. You will have to reinstall your game for the latest changes to take effect. The new installation folder changed from “Maze Qore Arena” to “Qorena”. Mannequin saves may also break so be sure to back those up before you uninstall and reinstall.

That is all. Hope you all enjoy playing this game.


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