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Killacai 3D Prototype Released!

K3D is a remake of the original fast-paced arcade shooter K3.  Retrospective gameplay and graphics of the 5th generation (of which you can switch between presets via the main menu), with gameplay mechanics synonymous with Star Fox: Assault. Game difficulty are unlocked each time you complete the game via the New game ranking system, with secret stages to unravel at higher difficulties beyond Normal, as well as extras and a series of special-ops missions if you reach max NGR (new game rank).

To learn more about the game, visit the guide here.

Instructions for Expo Demo:

  • Controls are in-game.
  • Supports 2 players.
  • Shoot at a setting element to change it.
  • Press Escape, P, or Alt+F4 to exit game.


One More Thing…

We have uploaded the original game (the top-down classic version) to Indie Expo and we’re on a time limit so please download, play, and rate the game on the site. From the time of the publication of this article, we have only 12 days remaining and so far, only two persons have played the game.

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