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Tag: Modern Era

  • Introducing the Qorecade

    Introducing the Qorecade

    Last month, we have released our first game for the Qorecade: a series of browser and arcade games for your quick and satisfying leisure! Click the image below to download and play K3 today. 8 levels of action-packed arcade shooting classic fun!

  • Maze Qore Arena is now Qorena

    Maze Qore Arena is now Qorena

    From now on, Maze Qore Arena will be renamed to Qorena. The game was originally designed to be a spin-off of our earlier project Maze Qore, however as time and progress advanced, the project had underwent drastic changes in game design and game play, no longer retaining the maze-like formula it was originally designed for.…

  • Introducing Qoremation

    Introducing Qoremation

    Last year, we have release 3 animations to the internet world! Exercise Programmé The famous fitness program that took the spotlight in a Blizkreig throughout Amestris last month has blown up in sales, so much that their supply is struggling to meet the ever growing demand. This is Where I Watched My Parents Die Parapper…

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