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Tag: Qorena

  • Qorena Update – Version 0.9.1

    It has been a while since this game was updated. Important fixes to the game has been applied along with a major graphical revamp. IMPROVEMENTS COMING SOON We hope you will enjoy playing Qorena. There will be a sale coming soon in the Summer. Wishlist us on Steam for updates on sales and more updates…

  • Qorena Released out of Early Access!

    Qorena Released out of Early Access!

    After 4 years, Qorena has finally been released! We had to make concessions.– Moving mod support to post-release.– Voice chat is not supported by UE4 anymore, so we scrapped the idea. BUY ON STEAM NEW FEATURES Improved Spectator Menu Players can now access spectator mode at the pause menu. This will undeploy the player. If…

  • Qorena Playtest Postponed

    Economic matters have struck critically for us, making it difficult for us to continue hosting the weekly playtests and compensate users for it. To make matters worse, we’re stuck trying to solve a critical bug with Unreal Engine 4 and Steamworks, preventing connections from working properly on the server browser. We cannot continue playtesting let…

  • Weekly Qorena Playtest

    Weekly Qorena Playtest

    PLAYTEST OVER Qorena has left early access. This event is now over. Everything below this point is outdated and useless. Qorena (formerly known as Maze Qore Arena) has received a massive overhaul last month through Foresight – our playtest program for Qore World titles, from the old competitive arena shooter (still playable on the main…

  • Qorena Foresight – Version 0.8 OVERHAUL Update

    Qorena Foresight – Version 0.8 OVERHAUL Update

    After several months, the game overhaul is finally here and better than ever! Transitioning from competitive multiplayer matches to full cooperative arena survival. IMPROVEMENTS Both bots and NPCs are drastically improved, being able to target on sight and even stop shooting after their targets are dead and move on to finding the next one! Music…

  • Maze Qore Arena is now Qorena

    Maze Qore Arena is now Qorena

    From now on, Maze Qore Arena will be renamed to Qorena. The game was originally designed to be a spin-off of our earlier project Maze Qore, however as time and progress advanced, the project had underwent drastic changes in game design and game play, no longer retaining the maze-like formula it was originally designed for.…

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